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GPS boundary functionality on ag guidance equipment has been around for over 15 years. In years past, the benefits that boundaries provided the industry were limited and came with side effects.

GPS boundaries now provide the basis for implementing a wider range of functionality, when they are recorded and handled correctly.

Functionality includes:

  • Repeatable headland passes in the right spot, which helps keep workings neat and tidy regardless of operator experience or visibility.

  • Headland control for seeders, which is helpful in reducing double application on headlands.

  • Auto headland turns (from one AB pass to the next) which helps reduce coverage gaps when seeding and spraying.


Recording a set of GPS boundaries is useful as a “first step” in the adoption of a range of modern PA practices, as boundaries help with efficient data management and make it easy to generate a set of optimal guidance lines.

About two-thirds of the projects we’ve done have involved conducting both the in-field mapping component and then the computer processing / display setup component. Remaining projects involved helping growers set up to conduct their own in-field mapping, and then getting the data to us to process.

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