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Setting up GPS displays correctly is always an important step to get right. Operators need easy access to the correct field names and corresponding boundaries and guidance lines. We are industry leaders in understanding the data and methods required to set up and manage GPS Screens including John Deere, Case New Holland and others.

We work with AFS/PLM, Apex, myjohndeere and SMS software to name a few. We can provide all levels of support, whether you have your own copies of the software or not. We use the software tools Teamviewer and Dropbox among others to help provide timely and convenient support. We also help you download those tools. Popular service items include:

  • Creating and managing a set of AB lines, whether CTF or not

  • Protocols for loading setup data to displays, extracting documentation data from displays and cleaning display data

  • Moving setup data from one display system to another ie Case to Trimble, while retaining maximum functionality

  • Getting VR prescriptions from computer to display ready for use

  • Help setting up Land Manager on myjohndeere and other MJD tools

  • Stitching in sections of updated boundaries to replace redundant sections of original boundaries – save remapping the whole paddock

  • Deep Ripping Plans for CTF when tynes are lifted to preserve wheeltracks

  • Managing flag layers for rockpicking programs

  • Backing up, storing and keeping notes on your setup data


We also have access to a software tool that has been developed purely to create Greenstar 3 headland guidance lines for any implement width. There are currently over 50 000ha of land in WA using these guidance lines.

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